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Customer Success Stories

Right now, DairyFlo soft plastic liners and tubing are compatbile with New Zealand’s most common dairy shed milking systems.

Johan VanRas, Morrinsville

Van Ras says if his experience is anything to go on, tubes and pipes could actually last a lot longer. While rubberware needed to be replaced after two seasons he says he is still using soft plastic replacements three seasons later without any sign of deterioration.

“The initial cost was similar to that of traditional rubber so it made sense to install them at the time, especially if they were going to last.”

Graham Smith, Opunaki

"It was not having to change them twice a season that basically got me".

“with them being clear you can actually see the milk coming out, reducing the chances of under or over-milking which is another thing that got me to decide to go to them”

Craig Alley, Central Hawke's Bay

I like it how the tubing and liners cling onto the stainless steel better now, we don't have air and milk lines coming off anymore.

The clear tubing is helpful when we are watching colostrum cows, makes really easy in the spring to see what's going up the tube, even with the low light in the shed.

David Noble – Tirau

A reduction in time replacing plant components was the attraction to me. With DairyFlo milking liners and tubing lasting on average a full season or 6600 milkings last year. The previous product had recommended replacement every 2500 milkings meaning that each season the liners would need to be replaced two or three times.

With no need to change the liners again in a season there was also a financial saving.

Gayleen & Warren Ruawai, Northland

As a result of the DairyFlo cluster being 20% Lighter we have had no more issues with RSI in our wrists. We felt the difference in weight instantly, Gaylene says the change was so dramatic they were able to leave the wrist supports in the drawer this season. This has allowed us to continue on in the dairy shed as usual without having to worry about pain or worse, changing our Career!

At first, I wasn't too sure about the heifers because the liners felt hard. However, I put them into the herd and had no problem.

Phillip Engel, Carterton

So I have DairyFlo milk and air tubing which will eliminate the rubber from the platform to the cow. “This product will outlast rubber and maintain a bug free environment inside and out”.

Made from a soft smooth plastic, the milk liners are totally non-porous reducing the chance for contaminants to get into the milk while also reducing the number of times it needs to be replaced.

Inflation's are designed to withstand over 5000 milkings before needing replacement, which is already paying off. They've already completed well over 2,500 milkings and still have a good level of elasticity.


All DairyFlo products are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) or Urethane. This material has been specially formulated to comply with international standards for food contact use. Spent DairyFlo liners can be collected at specialised pick up points then re-milled down to a granule form. The granule can then have the moisture removed and re-moulded into non food contact parts such as anti-fatigue work mats.




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