June - Exhibits at Hamilton - DairyFlo

June – Exhibits at Hamilton

June – Exhibits at Hamilton

Recognising and rewarding outstanding innovation in the agricultural sector

Each year the Field days Innovations Centre looks to New Zealand to lead innovation for the agricultural sector, improving farming practices in New Zealand and beyond. It is the ideal place to demonstrate ground-breaking developments that is why the team at DairyFlo chose to show case their latest developments here.


For the 2016 event, Denis Beckett, Eddie Crawshaw and Jake Currie demonstrate the new soft plastic jetter cup. Previously jetter cups only available in black rubber, now available in bright blue, soft, recyclable plastic. Along with this, is an adapter to quickly modify existing button type jetters to take the jetter cup. A one-of-a-kind, simple and economical way to modify old and tired equipment without the need for fancy new gadgets and extra tooling.

The Feildays events are great for networking with creative thinkers, people that are searching outside the square for best practice or just a different approach to getting the best result.

The world is getting smaller, with electronic devices so readily available but unfortunately still some properties are limited by poor connectivity. During the three days Denis and the team were demonstrating the new instructional videos as displayed through the new website. “We like to ensure our product is installed correctly, there some tips and tricks that can make the installation easier too”.

INNOVATION AWARDS morning, Thursday 7 am, up to another 2 degree start, the Innovation Awards breakfast was held and awards issued. Well done to the young men from St Paul’s Collegiate School who where awarded $1000 for their “Crankholder” post hole borer stabiliser, as a result of entering the young innovators in Agribusiness Scholarship. A well thought out contraption to operate a two man borer safely with one operator. The prototype was designed by the students and manufactured by a local engineer, the product was well displayed including a demonstration video. Great problem solving guys.

Another worth while exhibition at Mystery Creek, with having some great conversations, meeting existing clients and introducing DairyFlo to many more potential users from mainly the Waikato region but New Zealand over, including dairy farmers and machinery agents from Australia, China and Turkey. The sales team will be following up with a phone call or a field visit within the next two to three weeks to ensure the appropriate product will be installed and operating correctly. We love to be able to communicate with the end user to establish a ‘good fit’, and to help out if any complications should arise.

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