DairyFlo = Versatile - DairyFlo

DairyFlo = Versatile

DairyFlo = Versatile

DairyFlo will suit any shed set up…

Late last year Phillip Engel replaced his whole shed with new DairyFlo.

Check out the pictures of his set up!


Engel and his staff like the way the Quthane products are easier to clean,

“It looks like a big sight glass, everywhere you look the milk is flowing through the pipes,” Engel explains.

“Being so much lighter is a huge benefit, we are milking faster, and our production has increased compared to last year.”

Engel has the following products installed;


  • DairyFlo Twin Air Tube

  • DairyFlo Milk Tube

  • DairyFlo Clear Shell + Liner Combo

  • DairyFlo Jetter Cups

  • DairyFlo Long Tail Bends 


Also he has added the option to insert a 250 gram weight into each cup, which gives them a little extra weight to cut off.

However you can still see what is happening and it is still lighter than your usual rubber and stainless-steel.

There are many options to suit every farmer to suit their particular needs.

Options are but not limited to;


  • 100 gram / 250 gram weight insert

  • DairyFlo liners in stainless-steel shells

  • DairyFlo lightweight shell + liner combo

  • DairyFlo light weight shells in front quarters with DairyFlo liners and stainless-steel shell in back quarters

  • Weights can be inserted in any combination of lightweight shell


In an earlier testimonial Engle did he said another bonus feature was,

“This product is all totally recyclable, liners and tubing can be made into anti-fatigue matting,” explains Engel.
“The numbers thing dawned on me,” he said. “I believe I can do a whole lot better with a lot less waste.”