March 2017 Northland Field Days - DairyFlo

March 2017 Northland Field Days

March 2017 Northland Field Days

DairyFlo Northland Field Days

Join us at the 2017 Northland Field Days: 2nd, 3rd & 4th March.

The DairyFlo team are pumped up and looking forward to catching up with all our great customers. Always innovating, the DairyFlo R&D department have a whole lot of new surprises to show you. Be sure to pop in and have a yarn. Take home a FREE sample of some of the world’s leading ‘soft plastic’ technology in dairy shed software.

Kit out your shed for the new season or take it a step at a time, we have some great introductory offers on tubing, Long tail bends & liners. Check out our 30 day trial guarantee!

Find us at Covered Site 603, in Rural Pavilion 1.
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Why is our soft plastic so different?

By using DairyFlo technology you will experience the benefits of lighter weight, see-through to visualise milk flow and super tough construction. Product testing has shown the inflations to have an average lifespan of 5000 milking cycles and longtail bends, 3 seasons without failure. Tatua dairy farmer Johan Van Ras says if his experience is anything to go on, tubes and pipes could actually last a lot longer. While rubberware needed to be replaced every season, he says he is still using soft plastic replacements three seasons later.  See full video here.