National Fieldays 2018 - DairyFlo

National Fieldays 2018

National Fieldays 2018

50th Anniversary

Rain or shine the Fieldays 2018 was one to remember!

It’s been over a week and a half already since the big event and we hope those who went really enjoyed themselves.

Because we certainly did!



A HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see us in blue and green at the Innovations Centre. With record numbers this year we were swept off our feet and it was great to catch up with many of our existing clients and meet with many new clients too. Don’t worry if you missed us, because our Fielday specials are valid until the end of July! Go check them out or give us a call!

Did you see the innovations video from the New Zealand Herald? Click Here to see the video and skip to 31 seconds to hear Denis explain our special Quthane™ lightweight liners.

This week we would like to emphasise a few of the many benefits our products have to offer;

DairyFlo liners, tubing and long tail bends are made from a new type of material called QUTHANE™ and are manufactured right here in New Zealand in the Sunny Hawkes Bay!

Our products that are made from this new material are more;

– Durable
– Longer-lasting
– Lightweight
– Non-absorbent
– 100% recyclable!

We believe our products are the only recyclable milking equipment IN THE WORLD!

In the long run these will save you time, money, effort and it’s a whole lot better for our Planet!

We are central, ready and willing to get your sheds kitted out with our long-lasting products, all you have to do is ask the friendly DairyFlo team or check out our online store.

To finish up and until next time we leave you with this;

Time and time again people ask this age-old question…

“What does a farmer talk about when he is milking cows?”

Udder nonsense!