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Opunake Farmer

Opunake Farmer

From DairyFlo Liners in Stainless Steel Shells to Lightweight Shell and Liner Combo

Graham Smith, a kiwi farmer from the Stunning Taranaki region, had originally installed DairyFlo’s lightweight liner in his own shells.

Soon to make the full change to DairyFlo’s lightweight shell and liner combination…

Points he made;

“Not having to change them twice a season was the thing that basically got me.”

“Being able to ensure that all four quarters are being milked out, with them being clear you can actually see the milk coming out.”

“You can see if you’re over or under milking.”


When he made the change to the shell and liner combo he instantly saw an improvement when one of his cows had mastitis…

He was able to identify the cow straight away and milk it off into another bucket, before it contaminated the vat.

Giving it a go was Grahams words,

“You’re not going to know if you don’t give it a go!”