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Polymer Systems International Limited (PSI) is the manufacturer and developer of DairyFlo innovative dairy systems.

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Polymer Systems International Limited (PSI) is the manufacturer and developer of DairyFlo innovative dairy systems. PSI have been designing and moulding plastic parts for over 20 years and involved with soft plastics including the manufacturing of soft plastic (TPE) calf feeding teats since 1995.

Formed out of a drive to revolutionise dairy systems, DairyFlo has been established as a division of PSI to specialise in plastic formulations and moulding research and with a mission to develop cost effective innovative solutions for the dairy industry.

In 2004, after liaising with suppliers, a soft polymer became available that was acceptable for use within the food chain and the original concepts and approvals were initiated for the DairyFlo project.

Through many years of rigorous tests and on-farm trials, DairyFlo have now developed in collaboration with international raw material suppliers Bayer, a completely new and revolutionary product range that is set to make real changes to the quality of milking equipment and the bottom line for dairy producers and for the overall wellbeing of the dairy cow.

DairyFlo is inspired by the desire to improve the sustainability of New Zealand’s agricultural environment and is committed to providing the dairy farmer with a superior range of products that exceed their expectations. NZ and overseas patents pending.

DairyFlo Steve Png

Stephen Crawshaw

Managing Director

e. steve@dairyflo.co.nz
p. 0800 55 33 77

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Eddie Crawshaw

Business Development and Technical Sales representative located in Napier. Eddie is passionate about innovation and problem solving.

e. eddie@dairyflo.co.nz
p. 021 228 2614


Denis Beckett

Senior Sales Representative located in Palmerston North covering lower North Island and South Island. Denis is always an enthusiastic solutions provider.

e. denis@dairyflo.co.nz
p. 027 912 7566



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