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DairyFlo Milk Claw & Bowl Set

When your livelihood depends on the quality of milk coming out of your dairy shed, it makes sense to do everything possible to eliminate bacteria at the source.

DairyFlo Milk Claw & Bowl Set



300ml / 300cc

Suits 19mm milkline / 15.9mm ID tube

Pressed stainless steel tops with nylon air fittings

Transparent polycarbonate reinforced bowl

Shut off and no shut off options available

Liner spigot size is 12mm OD

Milk outlet is 19mm OD / 15.9mm ID milk line

Suits Twin Air Tube (Y Adapter available)

Customer Feedback;

“We love them. A big improvement from our old fish eye style ones. Cows milk out faster and no more problems with uneven milk out. They are also lighter to handle and quieter. We had problems with froth in the vat, these clusters have eliminated that also.”


$112.59 set Incl GST

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Why Choose DairyFlo 100% recyclable products


Non Absorbent. DairyFlo Soft Plastic doesn’t crack, perish, or deteriorate from chemical washing or milk fat absorption, so there are no cavities where bacteria can accumulate.


See Through. Traces of blood and other impurities are easily identified as they pass through.


Longer Lasting. DairyFlo Soft Plastic liners last at least twice as long as rubber liners - saving money and time spent on replacement.


Environmentally Friendly. All DairyFlo products are 100% food grade approved and recyclable.

Additional information

Shut Off / No Shut Off

Milk Claw & Bowl Set With Shut Off, Milk Claw & Bowl Set Without Shut Off


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