World­ first plastic milking liner - DairyFlo

World­ first plastic milking liner

World­ first plastic milking liner

Napier company Polymer Systems International (PSI) has developed an innovative milking liner that will help dairy farmers worldwide to stop bacteria entering milk.

The DairyFlo liner is made using a specialised thermoplastic developed by global innovation leader Bayer and is the result of a 10­year collaboration between the two companies.


The development is a world­first and marks the end of a 30­year race to produce a plastic liner that is hygienically safe.
“The properties of this thermoplastic make it the perfect solution to the bacterial problems that occur with rubber liners in dairy sheds,” Bayer New Zealand business development manager Justin Gleeson says.

Unlike traditional rubber liners still used widely in the dairy industry, DairyFlo liners are impervious to milk fat and chemical cleaning agents used in dairy sheds.

These two factors cause rubber to swell and degrade. Over time it breaks down and cracks, creating cavities in which bacteria can hide. Even with regular cleaning these bacteria can be impossible to dislodge.

“Minimising somatic cell count in milk is a daily challenge for dairy farmers,” Waikato dairy consultant Mel Eden says.
DairyFlo liners remove some of the risk because they don’t perish and crack.

“Assuming that cleaning systems are working properly, this means there is nowhere bacteria can build up.” DairyFlo liners offer other benefits over rubber.

Resistance to milk fat and chemicals means they last at least three times longer than the average 2500 milking lifespan of a rubber liner. This leads to cost savings because liners need to be replaced less often and the amount of downtime required every season to change an entire dairy shed is significantly reduced.

The thermoplastic used in DairyFlo provides the same softness and flexibility of rubber where it counts, in the middle inflation section of the liner, but is more durable in the areas that are most susceptible to hoof damage.

DairyFlo liners are 100% recyclable.

They have passed AsureQuality assessment in NZ and have international certification, including the FDA, for milk contact.

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